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Registration for bowen technique training.
To register for classes, please submit the registration form below.  A non-refundable tuition deposit is required at the time of registration to reserve your space in the class. Payment options will be included in your confirmation email.

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WATERLOO Module 5-6 Jan 7-10 2018
WATERLOO Modules 1-6 Jan-May 2018
WATERLOO Modules 1-2 Jan 28-31 2018
WATERLOO Modules 3-4 March 25-28 2018
WATERLOO Modules 5-6 May 27-30 2018
WATERLOO ON Module 8 Sept 6-7 2018
WATERLOO ON Modules 1-6 Sept 2018-Jan 2019
WATERLOO ON Modules 1-2 Sept 8-11 2018
WATERLOO ON Modules 3-4 Nov 3-6 2018
WATERLOO ON Modules 5-6 January 12-15 2019
KELOWNA BC Modules 1-6 April -Aug 2018
KELOWNA BC Modules 1-2 April 5-8 2018
KELOWNA BC Modules 3-4 June 7-10 2018
KELOWNA BC Modules 5-6 SEPT 27-30 2018
TIMMINS ON Module 8 April 26-27 2018
TIMMINS ON Modules 1-6 April - Aug 2018
TIMMINS ON Module 1-2 April 28-May1 2018
TIMMINS ON Module 3-4 June 23-26 2018
TIMMINS ON Module 5-6 Aug 18-21 2018
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