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Bowen Therapy Academy

Each class will provide:

  • a detailed manual with diagrams, photos and descriptions and list of health conditions for each procedure
  • demonstration of all assessments
  • demonstration and explanation of all procedures and anatomincal landmarks
  • supervised hands-on training in each procedure
  • extensive review of procedures learned in previous class

 Practical experience is extended with assigned case studies with coaching and feedback provided.

 Details of the various modules are provided below:

Modules 1 and 2
Tuition: $820     Prerequisite: None

  • Introduction to bowen, it's history and what it's all about
  • The details of the classic bowen move
  • Lower Back Procedures
  • Upper Back Procedures
  • Neck Procedure
  • Client Management
  • Kidney Procedure
  • Head Procedure
  • Review of Module 1 procedures
  • Respiratory Procedure
  • Shoulder Procedure 1
  • Shoulder Procedure 2
  • Hamstring Procedure
  • Cramp Procedure

Modules 3 and 4

    Tuition: $ 820   Prerequisite: Module 2

      • Review of previous modules
      • Pelvic
      • Elbow/Wrist
      • Sacral
      • Knee
      • Ankle procedure
      • Strapping procedures
      • Upper Respiratory (TMJ) procedure
      • Forearm (Carpal Tunnel) procedure
      • Bowen Seated
      • Babies and Children
      • Hammertoe procedure
      • Bunion procedure

      Modules 5 and 6
      Tuition: $820    Prerequisite: Module 4

      • Review of previous modules
      • Coccyx procedure
      • Additional shoulder procedures: North, South, East and West procedures
      • Gallbladder procedure
      • Chest procedure
      • Bursitis procedure
      • Perineal procedure
      • Bedwetting procedure
      • Thoracic procedure
      • Buttock procedure
      • Infertility protocol
      • Additional hamstring procedures

      Module 7
      Cost: $475.00             Prerequisite: Module 6

      Module 7 is a thorough assessment of all the material taught in Modules 1-6. Both written and practical assessments are utilized.


      Module 8

      Cost: $475 Prerequisite: Module 7

      Module 8 is a review of many of the procedures learned  in Modules 1-6 and also introduces the concept of minimum prerequisites. This allows the practitioner to streamline and customize treatments for their clients. New procedures from SP2 have also been added.

      Practitioner Review Day(s)

      Cost $237.50  per day.  Prerequisite Module 7
      Perfect and refine your technique with a review of the hands-on bowen technique learned in Modules 1-6. This is a one-day course. No exams or case studies required. Earn double continuing education credit ie 16 CEU's for each 8 hour day of hands-on work.

      Each training module includes:
      • An explanation of the procedure and indications for use
      • Demonstration of assessments
      • Demonstration of each procedure with explanation of anatomical landmarks
      • Detailed training manual with photographs and diagrams
      • Extensive hands-on training
      • Individual progress feedback
      • Ample review of procedures from previous modules

      Bowen Training College