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Bowen therapy, is a highly effective, drug-free therapy for pain relief and general health maintenance. This natural, gentle form of bodywork was created over 50 years ago and is now practised worldwide. Bowen acts upon the fascia and nervous system to address the root cause of musculoskeletal and neurological pain as well as other ailments.

Bowen triggers a whole body healing response that is helpful in alleviating back pain, sciatica, arthritis, migraines, fibromyalgia, neck and shoulder issues, neuralgia and much more.

Bowen therapy is completely non-invasive. No needles, drugs, nor machines are required. It is safe for everyone from newborns to the elderly including expectant mothers and athletes. Treatments are relaxing and for the most part, performed over clothing

A bowen treatment involves a series of short, gentle moves applied with the hands to very specific points on the body. Each set of moves is interspersed with crucial pauses to allow the body time to respond to the treatment. The bowen moves generate neurological impulses which trigger the brain and nervous system to relax muscles, tendons and ligaments, releasing pinched nerves, tension and stress. The autonomic nervous system and endocrine systems are rebalanced and lymphatic drainage initialized.

Bowen therapy is very distinct and differs from other forms of therapy in that:

  • no oils, lotions, machines or drugs are used

  • there is no need to have clients undress - treatments can be administered through clothing

  • no manipulations of the skeletal system are required

  • often only a few treatments are required for lasting pain relief of with long standing issues

  • clients love to re-book for general health maintenance and are happy to refer clients to you

  • treatments are easy on the practitioner's body and can be continued well into retirement

  • treatment for one issue can help balance and improve the health of the entire body

  • it is safe for any age or state of health including the elderly, pregnant/nursing/postpartum moms, babies and children, athletes, accident victims, etc

A rewarding health career with true work/life balance. Enrol Now!

Canadian Bowenwork School

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