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This internationally recognized training program from Australia teaches the original bowen technique for relieving pain and other ailments.  Each class combines theory with extensive hands-on training to ensure students have the skills required to begin aiding in the recovery of a large range of various ailments.

Detailed manuals are provided for each module and small classes provide personal hands-on coaching to ensure mastery of the technique and protocols taught.
There are no prerequisites to begin the program. Any adult can start the program without prior medical training or education.

Only 14 days of bowen therapy training spread over several months to become a certified practitioner.
In addition to bowen training, the following three additional requirements must be met to become a certified practitioner.  These requirements can be completed during or after Modules 1-7 of bowen training, as your schedule allows. If you have taken these courses previously, proof of previous fulfillment should  be provided to be considered for exemption:
  • Completion of an approved course in anatomy and physiology (Minimum 120 hours. Must be preapproved)
  • Current First Aid/CPR certification (completed within the past two years)
  • An approved business course (minimum 20 hours) or  experience running a business. 
Note: Credit may be granted for previous anatomy, CPR and business classes taken.Online bowen therapy classes are not accepted by the Canadian and International Associations.

If you have NOT taken the above three courses previously, online or self-study options are available. Information on the self study courses will be provided to registered students at the first class.
Please note that the modules must be taken in sequence. See Course Schedulefor exact dates.
 All students registered in the program will become part of a national and international community of bowen therapists which has the following benefits:
  • an annual subscription to the quarterly Bowen Hands magazine from Australia. This international magazine provides details of other bowen practitioners successes and how they achieved them. A wonderful tool for your practice. Bowtech members may also contribute articles to the magazine if they wish.
  • access to advanced Bowtech training classes anywhere in the world
  • a discount on Bowtech courses that you may wish to repeat for ceu's.
  • a listing of your practice on the international and Canadian websites
  • access to articles, case studies, research and message boards related to bowen therapy
The bowenwork therapy training program covers the following modules (classes): 
Module 1 
Cost: $385.00
Prerequisite: None 
  • Introduction to bowen, it's history and what it's all about
  • The details of the classic bowen move
  • Lower Back Procedures
  • Upper Back Procedures
  • Neck Procedure
  • Client Management
  • Kidney Procedure
  • Head Procedure

Prerequisite: Module 1 
  • Review of Module 1 procedures
  • Respiratory Procedure
  • Shoulder Procedure 1
  • Shoulder Procedure 2
  • Hamstring Procedure
  • Cramp Procedure
Module 3

Cost: $385.00
Prerequisite: Module 2
  • Review of previous modules
  • Pelvic procedure
  • Elbow/Wrist Procedure
  • Sacral Procedure
  • Knee Procedure
Module 4
Cost: $385.00
Prerequisite: Module 3
  • Review of previous modules
  • Ankle procedure
  • Strapping procedures
  • Upper Respiratory (TMJ) procedure
  • Forearm (Carpal Tunnel) procedure
  • Bowenwork Seated
  • Babies and Children
  • Hammertoe procedure
  • Bunion procedure
Module 5
Cost: $385.00
Prerequisite: Module 4
  • Review of previous modules
  • Coccyx procedure
  • Additional shoulder procedures: North, South, East and West procedures
  • Gallbladder procedure
  • Chest procedure
Module 6 

Cost: $385.00
Prerequisite: Module 5
  • Review of previous modules
  • Bursitis procedure
  • Perineal procedure
  • Bedwetting procedure
  • Thoracic procedure
  • Buttock procedure
  • Infertility protocol
  • Additional hamstring procedures
Module 7
Cost: $450.00
Prerequisite: Module 6

16 hours over two days. 
Module 7 is a thorough assessment of all the material taught in Modules 1-6. Both written and practical assessments are utilized.
Bowen Association Fee:
In addition to tuition fees, a membership fee of $101.70 is required to cover the annual membership in the Canadian and International Bowen Associations and is due at the first class.

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The Canadian Bowenwork School is a federally registered school in Canada.
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