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Helping people to achieve optimum health and alleviate pain in a natural, safe manner is extremely rewarding. Work from home, in a clinic, earn extra income on top of your current job or volunteer your services to seniors, the disabled, children, etc. The choices are endless. Set your own schedule and your own rates. Earn more and work less. Everyone benefits from bowen.

People choose to learn bowen therapy for a variety of different reasons:

  • most importantly, to provide clients with safe, lasting relief from pain and many other ailments

  • to differentiate their current practice, clinic or spa (referrals abound with bowen therapy)

  • to practice a modality that doesn't cause repetitive strain and injury to the practitioner

  • to change to a career that is flexible and rewarding on many fronts.

  • to have a career with perfect work/life balance. Work less without sacrificing income.

  • to become self employed

  • to have a transition into retirement

  • to add to their current income without losing their current position

  • to volunteer with seniors, hospice, athletes and children with disabilities

  • to care for your own health and the health of family and friends.

  • to become part of an international community of practitioners

Whatever the reason, learning bowen is a great decision. Quickly alleviating pain for yourself and others is well worth the investment in this course. Many health professionals have taken the course and are amazed at it's effectiveness often with only one treatment. Anyone can learn - no prior knowledge is assumed. Manuals detailing all of the procedures are provided and hands on training in small classes ensures proper technique through coaching.


Bowen training classes can also be utilized to differentiate your current medical or holistic health practice from the rest by expanding your client base and extending the range of conditions treated. Multiple clients can be treated simultaneously enabling the practitioner to establish a healthy work/life balance without sacrificing income.

Great courses for nurses, doctors, RMT's, massage therapists, reiki and reflexology practitioners.

Many professional careers have added bowen therapy to their practice including:

 massage therapists


naturopathic doctors



personal support workers

life coaches

dental assistants


reiki therapists

holistic health practitioners



yoga teachers

personal trainers


occupational therapists/assistants



C​anadian Bowenwork School

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